Friday, March 25, 2011

Hacks the System

Hackers have a motive and that is the reason why they indulge in hacking systems. The reason can be personal or entirely professional. You should avoid having a biased attitude towards hackers. Some hackers work in an ethical manner and save the company from frauds. They even find flaws and locate the loopholes in the system that can be repaired for the better functioning.

Hackers can hack the system and get the private files only by clicking the mouse button. Within a minute they can get the password of your system. Computers at home or at work place either protected with firewall or not can be hacked easily and firewall can’t do anything about packets coming so fast.

There are so many free hacking tools available on the internet that anyone can download easily and try to hack the system using those programs. Documentation to understand these files are also given with them. Scanning utilities and sniffing programs are very commonly used by hackers. One other tool used by hackers is Whisker. It is a tool used by system administrators to test the security of the system. Using this tool, hackers can find about the operating system running on the machine and whether the un-patched holes exists in it or not.

Security software programs are able to stop hackers alone. Administrator must avoid common mistakes done by him like not changing the password of operating system, not updating the software time to time, etc. So these common mistakes must be avoided by the administrator to protect his system from hackers. Hackers find different ways to hack the system so you must be very careful for your system and websites.
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Since the advent of internet the incessant fear of being hacked has crossed the minds of individuals and companies alike. Luckily there are various steps through which one can protect an unauthorized entry. These steps are very easy to employ and some of the basic ones are as follows.

The user should be behind a router while using the internet. Many people make the mistake of plugging directly into their cable or DSL modem. A four port router will make it much more difficult for a hacker to find his way into the system as the router will provide a barrier.

The user can also take help of the software firewall. There are different choices that are available in the market and many of them are free of charge. This will block any connection that the user denies. There are various professional versions of this software that are available, which may increase the safety.

There are certain spyware software’s that are available which keeps a watch on the user’s registry. Whenever a change is made to the computer it is essential to modify the registry. But it is up to the user whether to allow the changes or to get more information about the same.

The hackers even try to hack information through phishing. The user is shown many files that are many a times not his own and a notice appears that these file are corrupt. So it’s very much necessary to be alert before providing any information to anyone.

Many people make a mistake of avoiding the security aspect thinking that they are not affected, but in real terms everyone is under the threat of hacking and its very much essential to take preventive measures against the same. That is why it is rightly said, listen, learn and most importantly watch out.
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